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Eco Air Evaporative Cooler


Floater Imports

Eco Air Evaporative Cooler


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While a fan or air conditioner recirculates stale dry air, the Cooler constantly circulates healthy, fresh and cold air into your space. It works best with a constant supply of fresh air, so you don’t have to isolate yourself in closed quarters or readjust every time you step outside.

Eco air coolers use evaporative cooling to provide airflow that is cooler than the surrounding air. Water is pumped up and dripped onto the cooling pad and as hot air is pulled through, the water in the cooling pad evaporates. Evaporation absorbs heat, dropping the temperature of the air flowing from the cooler. As a result, the airflow is much cooler than the ambient air.

The best feature of the Eco Air Cooler is that it is an environmentally responsible method of air cooling since it uses only water and only 45 watts of power – about the same as one light bulb!


ultra high efficiency honeycomb cooling pad + water tank designed to hold 2 ice packs


horizontal oscillating louvers – cools up to 150 square feet


Perfect for a good night’s sleep


Built in dust filter cleans the air


No tools, venting hoses, or external attachments needed


Just turn it on and add water for instant cooling


3 fan speeds + natural and sleep modes + built in 8 hr timer


Remote control + lightweight design with wheels + removable water tank

Voltage 120V~60Hz

Power 45W

Max Water Capacity 5.5L (1.45 gal)

Water Usage 0.5L/hr (0.13gal/hr) depending on humidity

Area of Coverage up to 150 sq ft

Net weight of unit 5.4 kg (11.9 lbs)

Unit Size 25 x 28 x 71 cm (11 x 12 x 28 in)

This product is a seasonal item. No refund or store credit, warranty exchange only.
WARRANTY For the one year limited warranty, please keep proof of purchase. For service inquiries or warranty issues, please contact Room In Order.
COOLING PAD REPLACEMENT Please note, the Cooling Pad should last 5 years of seasonal use. Should you require a replacement, please contact Room In Order.