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TOTEM Large Waste Bin, 60L capacity, stone colour. a flexible system that encourages waste separation, without taking up precious kitchen space.

TOTEM features a 30L general waste compartment, large enough to accommodate waste from even the busiest kitchen. It also features a 30L recycling drawer compartment. 

General Waste Compartment

A general waste compartment at the top allows easy access to removable inner bucket. The bucket that features angled corners to allow easy bucket removal, integrated bag hooks to provide additional trash separation, and air holes to remove bags more easily.

Multi-Purpose Drawer

Multi-purpose drawer at the base features an interchangeable inner bucket. Drawer pulls out completely and features a wheeled base.

Removable Compost Bin

Features a wide opening for easy filling. Can be stored neatly inside the top or bottom compartment, or on the counter. The lid features a hook, allowing it to be stored on the side of the Totem when in use. Bag retaining hole for excess bag management.

Ventilated Odour Filter

Improved airflow technology allows air to pass through a carbon filter thereby reducing moisture, the main cause of unpleasant odours.

Dimensions: 36.6 x 38.99 x 81.41 cm

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